Its Our Turn Now


How can we ever hope for the world to get better if we keep limiting what God can do?

After reading this book, you will step up with courage to be a part of the hope that the world needs against a destructive culture. God has called you to be a witness of light in the middle of the darkness, and you will obey Him with boldness and integrity.

Everyone living on the planet today has a front-row seat to the failure of communism, socialism, and immorality. People are sick to death of the fabrications, lies, control, and tyranny. Mario Murillo draws on his recent experiences in California, where his ministry is experiencing souls being saved at a rate that surpasses even what was seen during the Jesus movement of the 1960s and ’70s. It’s accelerating, and Murillo believes it’s a worldwide trend that has us poised for an unprecedented opportunity as the body of Christ. We must seize this moment!

In It’s Our Turn Now, Murillo explains why now is the time for Christians to do the following:

*Explain why everything man has taught us is bankrupting our morals and our souls
*Display the supernatural with integrity and clarity that we’ve not seen before
*Answer directly the questions that are truly on the hearts and minds of the human race

We are no longer the remnant. There are millions of us, and it’s time to stop believing the false reports and listen to what people around us are feeling. We have the answers a hungry world is dying for. Only the gospel of Jesus Christ can deliver us, and only the church can change the world through its power. It’s our turn to step up and stop limiting God.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781636411453
ISBN10: 1636411452
Mario Murillo
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 2023
Publisher: FrontLine – Charisma House


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