WWJD Woven Pack Of 25 (Bracelet/Wristband)


Our Woven WWJD Bracelets are an inspiring and meaningful accessory for all ages. Crafted with care, these bracelets are designed to make a statement and serve as a constant reminder of the timeless question, “”What Would Jesus Do?””

These bracelets are made from durable polyester, ensuring that they are made to last, and are comfortable to wear. The smooth black plastic buckles make them easily adjustable, meaning they can almost effortlessly fit any wrist.

The bold black design with the white “”WWJD”” message woven in creates a visually appealing contrast, making these bracelets a fashionable way to share your faith and values.
They measure 9.75 inches in length and half an inch in width, designed to fit comfortably on wrists of all sizes, making them suitable for both children and adults.

Each pack includes 25 bracelets, making them ideal for VBS, Sunday School classes, youth groups, outreach events, fundraisers, and more.

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SKU (UPC): 788200871476

Color: Black
Manufacturer: Swanson Christian Products


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