Why God Why


There are hard things in this life. You’ve seen things that cause you to ask, “Why?” Go ahead and ask.

Pastor Karen Jensen knows firsthand what it is like to experience personal tragedy. In this book she shares with readers that it’s OK to ask why, but it’s not OK to “camp out” there.

The book will open with Karen’s story: she and her husband were pastors of a church for about four years. She was thirty-seven, and their sons were twelve and thirteen. Her husband went to bed early New Year’s night and by the time she went into the bedroom a little while later, he was dead in the bed. There was no conclusive medical explanation for how he died, but he left Karen to carry on not only as the mother of their two children but as the pastor of the church they had started. Karen uses this personal story as the backdrop for her teaching that will both inspire and challenge Christians who are trying to cope with personal loss and other life-altering circumstances.

“Things happen. Things are still going to happen. It is not the time to toss in the towel. Keep going. Keep trusting. God is faithful, and you can trust Him.”

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SKU (ISBN): 9781621362432
ISBN10: 1621362434
Karen Jensen
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2013
Publisher: Charisma House – Charisma House


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