What To Do When Faith Seems Weak And Victory Lost


1. Recognize The Source
2. Be Sure The Promises Of God Cover The Things You Ask For
3. Be Sure You Are Not Living In Sin
4. Be Sure No Doubt Or Unbelief Is Permitted In Your Life
5. Sincerely Desire The Benefit
6. Ask God In Faith Nothing Wavering
7. Do Not Tolerate A Thought To The Contrary
8. Count The Thing Done
9. Give Glory To God
10. Act As Though You Have Received

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How To Turn Defeat Into Victory!

“There is no need for us to be defeated. (If we are defeated, it is our fault, not God’s.) God has given us His Word. God’s Word and God’s armor are all the equipment we need . . .,” Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin writes in the preface to his book What To Do When Faith Seems Weak and Victory Lost.

Rev. Hagin continues, “Yet I meet Christians all the time who have problems. They have come to the place where they say, ‘I don’t know what to do.'(Have you ever been there?) That’s the reason I wrote this book. The ten steps outlined in this book, when taken in sequence, will bring you out of defeat into certain victory!”

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SKU (ISBN): 9780892765010
ISBN10: 0892765011
Kenneth E. Hagin
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 1982
Publisher: Faith Library Publications


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