Teachers Pet : A Mutzphey And Milo Adventure


Mutzphey and Milo couldn’t be more excited – It’s their turn to take Molly the Parrot, the classroom pet, home for the weekend! Their teacher, Mrs. Lang is counting on them. Are they up for the task? Will they rise to the occasion or “fowl” things up?

The action starts as soon as the Friday afternoon school bell rings. Before they know it, the two friends can’t find Molly! Thinking they’ve lost her forever, they scramble to come up with a solution before Monday morning.

Join Mutzphey, Milo, and Molly on this entertaining, great adventure that all ages are sure to enjoy!

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SKU (ISBN): 9780768459715
ISBN10: 0768459710
Hank Kunneman | Illustrator: Norris Hall
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: June 2021
Mutzphey And Milo Adventure
Publisher: Destiny Image


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