Sound Of Awakening


You are God’s strategy for revival.

As the nations crumble under chaos and compromise, have Christians sunk so low in their hope that they can no longer anticipate a glorious move of God? Or will a remnant of ordinary dreamers shake off despair, rise up, and join God in His mighty purpose for His people?

God always uses ordinary men and women to bring about revival, and He is doing it again. The Spirit is stirring up a people’s revival!

Best known for his prophetic “Appeal to Heaven” dream, revivalist Rick Curry believes that you play a pivotal role in bringing in the next wave of Holy Spirit outpouring. In The Sound of Awakening, Curry inspires you to abandon old mindsets and structures that have held you back from being used mightily by God. It’s time for everyday Christians like you to dream again for the coming awakening.

You will find:

*Abundant Hope from prophetic dreams and encounters that foresee a coming global awakening.

*Practical Principles to shift from apathy and isolation to passion and dynamic purpose.

*A Clear Vision of God’s unfolding plan for global awakening and the greatest harvest the world has ever seen.

You are not exempt from being used dramatically by God. It’s time to take your place in the unfolding story of the next great awakening!

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SKU (ISBN): 9780768458985
ISBN10: 0768458986
Rick Curry
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: November 2021
Publisher: Destiny Image


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