Redeemed From Poverty Sickness And Spiritual Death


1. Redemption From The Curse Of Poverty
2. Redemption From The Curse Of Sickness
3. Redemption From The Curse Of Spiritual Death

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In this innovative book, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin explains in great detail how Jesus Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Old Testament Law and opened the way for us to instead enjoy the blessings of Abraham: financial prosperiety, health, and spiritual redemtion!
The teachings in this powerful slimline book answer questions such as:
What is the curse of the Law?
Is it wrong to have money?
How do sin and wrongdoing open the door to sickness and disease?
Can mankind be saved from spiritual death by his conduct or good works?
How can I take advantage of what belongs to me in Christ?

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SKU (ISBN): 9780892760015
ISBN10: 089276001X
Kenneth E. Hagin
Binding: Slim Line
Published: June 1983
Publisher: Faith Library Publications


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