Living In The Balance Of Grace And Faith


Popular Bible teacher and host of the Gospel Truth broadcast, Andrew Wommack takes on one of the biggest controversies of the church, the freedom of God’s grace verses the faith of the believer. Wommack reveals that God’s power is not released from only grace or only faith. God’s blessings come through a balance of both grace and faith. Addressing many of the misconceptions believers are taught in the Church today, this book opens up the Scriptures revealing the vital connection between grace and faith. Many believers think they walk in both grace and faith when actually they are missing one or both of these principles. Wommack Addresses:
– Some believer willingly sin believing God’s grace will cover them, while the blessing of grace is not to sin, but to release guilt and condemnation when they make a mistake.
– Other believers think they must “work” their faith by ritualistic prayer, confession, or Bible study. Although all of these things are good, Jesus Christ set believers free from works of the law. God wants a relationship where He can communicate directly to each believer.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781606833902
ISBN10: 1606833901
Andrew Wommack
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2011
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers


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