Little Book Of Manners


1. “Happy To Meet You” – Meeting And Greeting Manners
2. “Emilie Marie Speaking!” – Telephone Manners
3. “Let’s Go Over To My House” – Playtime And Visiting Manners
4. “Please Pass The Sugar” – Mealtime Manners
5. “I’m Really Glad You Came!” – Partytime Manners
6. “Thank You Very, Very Much” – Grateful Good Manners
32 Pages

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Wouldn’t it be great to set a table just right and what to say to somebody you’ve just met and the right words to use when you answer the phone?

Emilie Marie is learning all of these things, and you can learn with her!

Practicing how to make everyone feel welcome will make you happy, too. You’ll have a wonderful time making pretty invitations for a special tea party or planning the best sleep-over ever with your friends. And you can make placemats together to help remember what you learn!

Manners are more than simple rules to remember-they’re a way of showing love!

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SKU (ISBN): 9781565076785
ISBN10: 1565076788
Emilie Barnes | Illustrator: Michal Sparks
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: February 1998
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


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