Fasting Made Easy


Almost every person has wondered if there are really any benefits to fasting. Dr. Don Colberts, author of the bestseller Toxic Relief, has now written a book that outlines the needs, benefits, and lifestyle of fasting from both physical and spiritual perspectives. Aware that readers are living in a toxic world, Dr. Colbert presents an easy-to-understand instruction manual that offers a step-by0step fasting protocol for better health. This will be readily accepted by people who want to increase their fitness in all areas of their lives.

Topics covered in Fasting Made Easy include:
*Why should I fast?
*How should I fast?
*When should I fast?
*How do I maintain a fasted lifestyle?
*How important is my attitude?
*What are the healthy choices I should make-body and spirit?
This book is a suggested companion to be sold with Toxic Relief.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781591854517
ISBN10: 1591854512
Don Colbert
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: June 2004
Publisher: Siloam Press – Charisma House


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