Thats My Dad


Men who have abdicated their roles as fathers have contributed to the single greatest problem in society today. In “That’s My Dad, ” authors Joe Pellegrino and Joe Battaglia look at the impact of fathers in the lives of successful men and women in the competitive worlds of media, arts and entertainment, and professional sports.

To compete at the highest level of any profession requires not just skill but the confidence to stand the stress and mental toughness required to be successful. Many men and women have natural skills, but many would be the first to say that without the affirming love and support from their fathers or a father figure, they would not have made it to the top of their fields.

“That’s My Dad” will look at the father models, both positive and negative, that help shape the role models of today. This book demonstrates the power of true fatherhood and the difference it makes in the lives of children. All of us want to, or yearn that we could, stand up and shout That’s my dad! “

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SKU (ISBN): 9781424552207
ISBN10: 1424552206
Joe Battaglia | Joe Pellegrino
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: May 2016
Publisher: Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC


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