Releasing The Force Of Faith Decrees


Prayers, Confessions, and Declarations that Hit the Mark!

Do you pray prayers that sometimes feel like they hit the ceiling? Are you frustrated by religious praying that does not seem to produce results? Have you tried to start “decreeing and declaring” God’s promises, only to feel like you are simply reciting spiritual formulas? It’s time for you to unlock the force of Bible-based, prophetic decrees that release the breath, life, and Spirit of Jesus!

Larry Sparks, publisher of Destiny Image, has personally assembled some of the top-teaching on speaking forth God’s Word, coupled with topical decrees to help you release the power of these confessions.

Receive inspiration, revelatory teaching, and topical decrees from top leaders in the body of Christ who are practitioners at seeing the power of God manifest through their prayers and acts of faith.

You will discover how to:

*Decree the presence-filled words of Jesus that carry Spirit and life (Bill Johnson).

*Prophesy your future by saying what God says about you, even when you are not seeing it happen (Tommy and Miriam Evans).

*Plant the Heavens with your decrees (Tim Sheets).

*Make declarations that create heavenly atmosphere in your home (Brenda Kunneman).
*Unlock the Courts of Heaven through powerful, apostolic prayers (Robert Henderson).
*Speak forth victory decrees over the powers of darkness (Jennifer LeClaire).

*Make “Turnaround Decrees” over prodigal children (Jon and Jolene Hamill).

*Unlock the power of your voice to release breakthrough (Jodie Hughes).

Learn how to pray prayers that hit the mark and release the Spirit of Jesus. Your decrees will only carry anointing, presence, and power to the degree you say what God says about the situation. No more aimless prayers or formulaic declarations.

When you open up your mouth and boldly decree what God is saying, those words release the Spirit and life of Heaven!

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SKU (ISBN): 9780768472615
ISBN10: 076847261X
Larry Sparks
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2023
Publisher: Destiny Image

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