Daniels Final Week


A mysterious leader returned from the dead…
A planet crawling with fallen angels…
Millions executed across the world…
Yet amidst this evil, God’s hope prevails.

After his apparent resurrection, the beloved leader Victor Quade is hailed internationally as God. Yet when Victor mandates that everything from purchasing groceries to seeing a doctor will require a mark of allegiance to him, Emma Grady and her friends in New York City know they must go on the run, recognizing that Victor is not the savior he appears to be.

Meanwhile, in Israel, the Jewish people worship Victor as a messiah, not realizing he intends to seal their doom. As Jews and Jesus-followers around the globe are losing their lives, Zerah Adler strives to protect as many as possible in this violent, volatile time.

In this spellbinding conclusion to the end-times trilogy that began with The Time of Jacob’s Trouble, the bestselling author of The Christmas Shoes brings the stories of Emma and Zerah to a riveting close. In the final chapters, you’ll discover what God’s Word says about the glorious future that awaits you, and see that things aren’t spiraling downward but are looking up!

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SKU (ISBN): 9780736980494
ISBN10: 0736980490
Donna VanLiere
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2022
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


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